Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Work Christmas Party

The past two years Brandon's work Christmas party has been held at the Grand America.  We have amazing food, and enjoy casino night.
 There's Craps
& 21
 The 1st place winner gets an IPad, and 2nd place gets a $250 gift card to Best Buy.
Brandon was racking up the cash (of course we play with fake money!)

Before I go on.  Brandon's boss is a funny guy, and encourages people to cheat, and get the most money however you can.  Brandon did pretty good job at that.
 At the end of the night everyone added up their $$$. 
We came away with the IPad! But since we already have one, and although it would be fun to have 2, since we cheated so badly we surprised another guy there, and gave it to him before he went home. 
This guy was completely shocked, I thought for sure he was going to cry.  He definitely deserved it. He's a hard worker, and is going to school full time, and is the ONLY one in the company without some sort of Tablet.

 Here are a few of the other wives.
 The view from our room!
I am so grateful for the job Brandon has.  Although, it is demanding at times, he has one of the greatest boss's.  He truly cares about all his employees, and their families.  He wants the best for everyone!

Girls Get Together

Once a month my friends and I get together for dinner.  This time around we switched it up for our Christmas get together, and went to Breakfast at Kneaders, and had a fun $10 gift exchange!
I love hanging out with these girls.  We all are at completely different stages in our life, some having kids, other graduating college, yet we some how manage to get together once a month and catch up.  I'm so grateful to have these AMAZING friends in my life!  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

This time of year is so fun, with all the family and friend parties going on.  Every year Brandon's family has a gingerbread house contest (not so much a contest).
All the house turn out completely different, and it's fun to see people's creative ideas.
This is Brandon and I's house.  NOT too much creativity going on here. 
Pretty simple just like the two of us!
 Shaylee was on Grandma Lori's team.  I thought their house turned out so cute, and looks just like one you would see on a TV show. It reminded me of a real gingerbread house with ALL that candy on it.

Kendelle & Hailey's
Log Cabin
 Alex & Cory's
 They always do really funny houses.  This year theirs was the Super Hero Retirement Village!
 And here's all the cute houses together!

Jazz Game!

Brandon and I had the opportunity to go to the Jazz game the other night against the Orlando Magic.  One of his clients has season tickets, and was unable to go and offered them to Brandon.
The best part they were on the 20th row in the LOWER BOWL!!!!

 The Jazz led most of the game, but the Magic made a run at the end, and had me nervous.  Luckily the Jazz pulled off the win!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012


I LOVE Halloween, which is kind of funny because I HATE scary movies, and haunted houses.  It's probably just because I love this time of year with all the fun holidays coming!!!!!

My friend Tazia and I on Halloween day at work.

Brandon and I had no idea what to dress up as for my Grandma's Halloween party. So we went with a high class, white trash theme.  

We made our own shirts.
(Brandon had one crazy beard he had grown during hunting season)
"I don't always grow a beard.... But when I do I grow a manly beard.
Stay furry my friends."

"The only thing hotter than my husband.... Is my husband with a beard"

My friends and I also went to witches night out at Gardner Village!

And I'm pretty sure Brandon and I had the best house to trick-or-treat at on our street!  
This is our next door neighbors house.

 We made our own graves out front!

Busted out our fire pit!

We also had a fog machine and scary music going!  We had multiple people telling us our house was the best.  That made us feel pretty good. : )